Operational Tips for Startup

Delta Star Technologies

If you are planning to start business/Startup, do not just dream, start working  with dedication and honesty, sure you are going to rock.There are few things which I have analyse from my experience that every startup CEO should take care.

  1. Hire the right people : At the beginning stage of your company, do not hire many people, hire the people who has passion about work, Hire the people who can handle their work themselves. Your staff should have innovative and self starter, you didn’t need to walk through every task.
  2. Be a Leader: Instead of dictating the thing to your staff, do that work yourself and show them, so they believe in you and trust you. The foundation of any relationship, both personal and professional, honesty is key. People want to work company/ Person they can trust that has morals, values, and integrity. Your staff wants to feel good about their jobs−it’s important to establish core values for both the business and yourself as a startups, and to then live and lead by those values as an example to your employees.
  3. Communication: Without clear communication, your staff can’t understand your mission, vision and goal. Communication is very important for every startup for daily business operation. Without good business communication, the internal and external structure of company can face numerous challenges. For each and everything there should be clear communication, if you do not like anything about your cofounder/ staff be straight forward and talk directly, if there any assignment that you are not able to deliver to your client make clear communication and explain your challenge without wasting time, It will bring trust and honestly and you may get another opportunity. Make regular communication with your staff and take feedback of product/ services and review with your staff.
  4. Be Flexible : As a startup CEO, you may have many responsibilities and challenges when creating your  company, So as Startup CEO  should be flexible for everything, you need ability to learn new thing quickly and stand-up on your own feet, Learn to adapt in changing situation and company to grow in every aspect.

Initial stage of startup probably would not have much of funding to hire specialities, So you need to be creative to solve these problem and there are many small thing that you need to do yourself or find the references that can help you.

Running a company is a learning process and nearly every day requires learning something new thing and new technologies.

 5. Manage board of Director: Startup board can be superb helpful or they can be complete destructive, Managing a board is new experience for startup CEO. The best way to manage your board is to do great job to manage your company. Don’t be filter between staff and board, consider startup as a family and give importance and listen everyone.

Operational Tips for Startup