Key Features Every Small Business Website Must Have

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If you are owner of today’s business, you must have website, Online presence is necessary if you want to maximize your success. Your website may work for you when you will be sleeping, when any one search business through search engine to find services he may be interested. Even if you don’t sell anything, your customer can get your contact information and your location on map and stop by person.

Having a strong web presence is mandatory, even for small business just starting out. Just having a website without any concern for traffic, SEO/SMO wouldn’t help business be successful. If you have website and its not search engine friendly then it’s not going to help you to find potential customer.

Your website should be designed properly, the traffic that goes to your website more likely to convert and lead to more lead for your business.

There are certain places on your website that you must need to know where to put Logo, Phone No., Call to action button, Enquiry form, keyword, page content, slider, blog content, testimonials, features, link etc. It’s important to know where to put each feature to maximize change of capturing target leads.

Key Feature for Perfect Website

An Eye-catching Responsive Design

Convenient Navigation

Proper / Fresh Content

Easy to Find Contact Information

Search Option

Signup Form

Site Map

Web Browser Capability

Images with alt tag


A well design blog

Social Media Integration

This list is in no way all-encompassing as every project brings us new feature requests. All websites we create are controlled by various content management systems for website owners to easily control their content.

Key Features Every Small Business Website Must Have