12 Easy Steps to create First business Website

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  1. What do you imagine people would want to do on your site?

Example: seeing the menu and prices of a restaurant, obtaining information about products/services, finding out locations etc.

  1. Register a domain name that’s easy to remember and matching to your business

Choose a domain name register with domain name provider, remember when you are booking a domain name from service provider just you are renting and you need to pay a yearly fee for a domain name. If you wish full ownership then you need to buy it from IANA.

A domain name is your address or location on the Internet, a domain name can be a combination of letter and number follow by extension like .com,  .net,  co.in, co.uk etc.

  1. Hire an expert to help build your website.

I highly recommend using a web design company to build your website – especially if you are building an e-commerce site. The website is not just about design that you see on the user interface, there are many thing that you need to check like security, page load time, page load etc.

Before contacting your website design company prepare few thing like

  • Booked your domain name
  • What pages would you like on the site?

Example: Home, About, Contact, etc.

  • Are there any key functions you would like the site to have?

Example: gallery, blog, contact form, image slider etc.

  1. List 3-5 sites you like

These do not have to be competitors (can be any sites). Try to mention why you like these sites, and note possible disadvantages, if any. see work here

  1. Give us your idea of the color scheme to be used when designing your new site.

If you have corporate identity elements, like a logo, a brand book, printed ads, which you think we could use while working on the design, please mention this and deliver these materials to us.

  1. Will the website require a Content Management System (CMS)? If so which part of the site?

content management system enables you to make changes to the site yourself without asking us

  1. Use keywords throughout your web copy.

Keyword is very important for search engine optimization,

  1. Use keywords in the title tag of each page in your website.
  2. While naming each page of your website, use relevant keywords as page names than normal methods. For example : instead of aboutus.html, you can use about_seo_services.html.
  3. Use keywords in the meta tags of each page.
  4. Give hyperlinks for keywords than normal words like “click here for more info”. For example; give link to ” learn more about seo ” than ” Click here for more info

For More details Please refer my previous post Effective Tips for Search Engine Optimization

  1. Publish your site by uploading it online.

When the files that comprise your website are complete, you will need to upload them to your web host’s server in order to ‘publish’ your site or make it live.

Before uploading you need to connect web server with your domain name to store file and data, for this you need to buy web hosting and update name server of your domain name, then you can upload file on your server using cpanel or FTP.

  1. Test your website for usability.

When your site is published, invite your friends and colleagues to “test drive” it for user-friendliness. Fill form/ create account / check for spelling/ alignment/ test front and style/ edit delete user account/ make purchase etc.

  1. Register with search engines and tell everyone about your site.

Register your website address with the top search engines so prospects can find your business. 70% of web surfers find sites through search engines, So you need to register your website with the search engine to get visibility, some are free and some charge nominal fee. Few famous search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MNS etc

  1. Connect with social media

Connect social media icon on your website so that customer can like/ follow your page and write a feedback regarding your services.  You can do social media marketing to get audience / traffic to your site, these days social media marketing is very useful to get organic traffic and business

12Implement a system for tracking the traffic on your website.

Use an online metrics measurement system like Google Analytics to monitor the traffic your site generates. Google Analytics is free to use and easy to set up. You can measure traffic on your site like how many people visited, where they came from, which page they visited, how long they stay etc.

12 Easy Steps to create First business Website