Why to choose Delta Star Technologies

Delta Star Technologies

E-Commerce Development

Delta Star Technologies offers customized business solutions and a broad range of IT services. Our strategic initiatives have helped our clients globally according to their requirement and above there development prediction.

  •   Shopping cart solutions
  •   Order tracking
  •   Ecommerce web hosting
  •   Ecommerce web design & development

We have a proven track record for designing and developing e-commerce solutions that will ensure that your company gains the competitive edge within your marketplace.

Payment Gateway Implementation

  •   CC Avenue
  •   Paypal
  •   EBS
  •   Transecute
  •   Paysignet

Expertise in E-Commerce Development

We thrive to provide solutions which are not only customized but are also excellent in quality, exceeding our client's expectations adequately.

  •   Superior user friendly interface with solution which is easily navigated by the visitor and also from the admin panel.
  •   Admin panel, along with functionalities to create different users and allot them different rights to manage the ecommerce site.
  •   Allows to manage every facet of your online store from merchandising to promotion, catalogue management to content management, product browsing and much more.
  •   Integrations of various payment gateways and social networking websites.
  •   Customized solutions for ecommerce development based on client's preferred technologies: open source and Microsoft.
  •   Incorporated with features such as members area, admin and product panel and more.
  •   Product gallery with detailed product information.
  •   SMS and email notifications for the order.
  •   A single B2B and B2C interface which allows business to deal with end user clients and wholesale clients based on single interface.
  •   Self-managed product module where business can manage the products online with ease.
  •   Custom made CMS to suit each client and its nature of business.
  •   Advance search and reporting for business to see product sales, monthly sales, coupon usage etc.
  •   Multiple billing and shipping addresses
  •   Order receipt and automated mails to the shipping department.
  •  Graphical presentation of various reports.
  •   SEO friendly.

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