Delta Star Technologies


We help educational institutions to grow in the new world order. We provide solution of education sector to automate their complete business process online which helps of custom SchoolERP solutions.

SchoolERP records each information related to working of your organization such as registrations, payment details of students, along with every detail of teachers. You can also plan out time-table, your class-schedules for a period.

Along with this, School ERP provides you the facility of maintaining records related to your daily monetary transactions such as student fees records, teacher's payment records, loan/advances to employees as well as records related to Bus operations, Library, Payroll, Infirmary, Front-Office and amazingly, all this under one Platform – SchoolERP.

School ERP provides you Data Security Feature with minimum user level Access Control. You may view various reports for smooth functioning and standardization of all system activities taking place inside your Institution.

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